Paye ton slip

Toujours au top les !!! (Chk Chk Chk), voici leur dernier clip issu du superbe album THR!!!LER.

Le groupe vous propose de venir chanter avec eux sur scène lors d'un de leur prochain concert, il faut pour cela passer les qualifs.
Enregistrez vous en train de chanter « One Girl/One Boy » devant votre miroir ou sous la douche et participer au concours.

Voici le réglement en english:
Come on, admit it. You`ve dreamed about singing with !!!. Only a few of us have been able to live that dream but now you can too. We`re not bringing Sonia Moore, the singer from One Girl/One Boy, so we want you to come up and sing w/ us when we hit your town.

Upload a youtube video of you singing along or send an mp3 to No big deal, just you in front of the mirror singing into the hairbrush style will do. We`ll sift through the entries and holler at you if you`ve got what it takes. You`ll of course be judged on your vocal ability, but dance moves and star quality definitely help. If anything, it`s a free ticket for you and your bff for the show. No flakes, no egos, no drug problems.

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