Worldwide special night

Du 23 au 29 mars prochain le Worldwide Festival se déroulera à Leysin dans les Alpes voisines de Suisse

Nous vous proposons de gagner 2 pass concerts+ski pour cette belle semaine de musique, orchestrée par Freshly Cut et Gilles Peterson.

Il vous faut pour cela nous envoyer un message sur notre contact

Ce mercredi 11 mars 2015 à partir de 21h, nous profitons aussi de cette occasion pour une soirée spéciale Worldwide Festival sur notre antenne avec la diffusion de 4 mixs réalisés par les Djs présents à Leysin.

Au programme: Afrobeat, house, Broken Beat & more avec Clap! Clap!, Lexis, Bradley Zero et Jo Sinclair.
English style selecta!

WF Minimix // Clap! Clap! kamba music mix Afro beat, Afrofunk,

Clap! Clap! is a new project by the italian producer C. Crisci, focused on research and sampling of tribes, bands and singers originating from the African continent. Its strong personality is characterised by the work on the used samples, extremely eclectic and as percussive as possible. His distinguishing technique is to reproduce classic African rhythms in a contemporary way, through the use of drum machines and synths. The keywords of this experience are `future roots` and `future rhythm.` Clap! Clap! is trying to convey a continuous dance that is febrile, tribal and hyperkinetic, but always balanced by the elegance and the essentiality of the elements used. Check out the exclusive Afro Funk minimix he just dropped us.

Egwu Ogbada – Nteje Enyi No Bianya
Sukuma Bin Ongaro Suku Jazz – Simba Ya Kenya
Kinyambu boys band – Maisha ma Ubunuasi
Kalambya Sisters – Katilina
Katitu Brothers – Daudi Katitu
Kyeemba boys band – mbingi Kamba 
Ben Mbatha – Dawa
Kanguni boys band – Kahmaile
Ndauni boys band ya kamusimamo – star fake
Nyaani Home boyz – Ningusyoka sikuku

Lexis: WF Minimix // House, Broken Beat
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Lexis is a Montreal-based DJ and the founder of the Music Is My Sanctuary website which has become, since 2007, one of the most trusted by music heads. He is one of the most versatile DJ`s and an absolute music research junkie constantly looking for forgotten treasures & future classics. He also created the 24 Hours Of Vinyl project, a worldwide non-profit event which has been presented in San Francisco, Paris, Toronto, Montreal and more.

Da Grassroots – Kenny`s Theme
Oddissee – Clutch Shot
Mayaka – Gnawa
Headnotic – Ponderance
Kerem Akdag – Expressive
Inkswel – Everyoneislistening
Sun Palace – Rude Movements
Romare – Prison Blues
Sam IRL – Ions
BB Boogie – Universal Music
Brother of Soul – Be Right There
Orgone – Time Tonight
Swell Session & Seiji – Prepared To Go
JT – I Love Music

Bradley Zero WF Minimix // House, Deep House
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Bradley Zero, one of the key faces behind the world conquering Boiler Room team is a young DJ with an unquenchable thirst for new sounds. As host and Resident of the Iconic Peckham Pool Hall Party Rhythm Section, Bradley has had the chance to develop a unique style, wide ranging taste and in the process develop a loyal following of dancers, who will fill the floor week in week out regardless of the line up. As a DJ and a promoter and presenter, Bradley`s approach is rooted in a deep passion for music that embraces the new whilst paying respect to the old ways of doing things. When not in the Pool Hall or the Boiler Room, you can catch Bradley live on NTS every month.  »

Dance Break Al Dobson Jr Rye Lane V8
B2_Bussi Bär – Rainbow Boogie_(Mastered_150814) Basso
RS005 – A2 – Jeru – MSTRD FYI Chris Back in the Millenium
Wolf_Mller-Rudeltanz_ Wolf Muller
Animal Language fantasticman
Cheating Track (Luginin Take 2) 44/16 Lipelis
Elation E (Real E State Edit) NO ZU Medusa Music Alternative
The 3rd Bass Banoffee pies
Tyrion BliP
OZONE – Local Artist
prequel- black saints

Jo Sinclair WF Minimix // House
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London girl Jo Sinclair`s musical style crosses the spectrum of deep US House, Chicago house, Detroit techno and electronica, with a sprinkling of nu jazz and future/broken beats. She currently holds a weekly radio show on HouseFM Saturday`s 2-4pm and plays regularly at the Groove Odyssey nights which have hosted Masters at Work and Louie Vega.

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