Funky French League #27

La Funky French League reprend du service pour une nouvelle édition.

Arthur Chaps manie les platines pour ce 27ème numéro du Funky French League Radioshow.

Diffusions sur :

  • samedi 12 décembre à 21h
  • mercredi 16 décembre à 23h

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Funky French League #27

La Tracklist :

  1. D-Train "You're the one for me"
  2. Jessie Rogers "One monkey don't stop"
  3. Chocolate Milk "Who's gettin it now"
  4. Bobby Mardis "Keep on"
  5. Lemelle "A man like you"
  6. Armenta "I wanna be with you"
  7. Sweet Ecstasy "Pull our love together"
  8. Funk Deluxe "This time"
  9. Candy Bowman "I wanna feel your love"
  10. Traks "Long Train Runnin"
  11. High fashion " You're the winner"
  12. Parliament "Agony of defeet"
  13. Dynasty "Groove control"
  14. Inner Life "I like it like that
  15. Main Ingredient "Evening of love"
  16. Sun "Reaction satisfaction"
  17. Loose End "Emergency"
  18. Roy Ayers "Fast money"
  19. Marc Thornhill "Make life worth living"
  20. Top Secret "Pretty little nasty thang"

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