Funky French League radio show #25

Ce samedi sur Radio Meuh Funky French League radio show #25 - Uncle T 🙌🏻

Diffusions sur : samedi 13 juin à 21h et mardi 16 juin à 23h.

Gift of dreams "i believe in you"
BB & Q band "time for love"
Strike one "you can't touch me anymore"
Carl anderson "magic"
Essence III "the party side of town"
Michael lovesmith "ain't nothing like it"
Cool runners "play the game"
Jones girls "on target"
Total contrast "be with you tonight"
Candy bowman "wanna feel your love"
Hight fashion "you satisfy my needs"
Neddy smith "give it up"
Lemelle "you got something special"
Herley johnson jr "do it"
Earl turner "love caught you by surprise"
Futura "feelin' hot"
Sunrize "who's stickin it"
Pockets "come go with me"
Sunfire " shake your body"

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