Let's Dance n°461

Les Luluxpo sont de retour sur notre antenne pour un nouvel épisode de "Let's Dance"

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  • Vendredi 27 Janvier à 21h
  • Lundi 30 Janvier à 23h

Playlist Let's Dance n°461 (Saison 16 Show 03) 

⎣the only thing to do?... fly!!!⎦

01 David Bowie "Sense Of Doubt" RCA Victor 1977
02 Azari & III "Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar remix)" Scion Audio/Visual 2010
03 Dan Solo & MI.RO "Acid (original mix)" Rotten City Records 2022
04 RFX "Jungle Boy (RFX beat version)" Fauve Records 2019
05 Takuya Nakamura "Sun Jonny's (bonus beat PM)" Codek Records 2018
06 Red Axes feat. Thomass Jackson & Iñigo Vontier "Cooked Banana" Garzen Records 2017
07 Cornelius Doctor & Omri Smadar "Ayawaska" Hard Fist 2022
08 In Flagranti "Raw Substance (Eric Duncan remix)" Calypso Records 2022
09 Akiko Kiyama "You Won't Speak To Me" District Of Corruption 2008
10 Sharon Attar "Pussy" New Day Everyday 2023
11 Dina Summer "Mars (radio edit +)" Audiolith 2022
12 Cheapit "Mafe" Marketing 2014
13 Theodora "Twist In My Sobriety (David Shaw And The Beat remix)" Theodora Project 2022
14 Claus Casper "Hip Shakin Mama (Gerd Janson piano dub mix)" True Romance 2022
15 Justine Forever "Club Forever" Her Majesty's Ship 2023
16 Local Suicide feat. The Hidden Cameras "Homme Fatal (Modular Project Remix)" Iptamenos Discos 2022
17 Levantine "Nuevos Horizontes" Exploited Club 2022
18 WhoMadeWho "Hi & Low (Konstantin Sibold Alternative Remix)" Get Physical 2017

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