Milky Chance

Après le buzz autour de son single "Stolen dance", le duo allemand Milky Chance sort son premier album: "Sadnecessary" Un album qui fleure bon l'été et les sessions guitare sur la plage. En live: Milky Chance - Running L'album sur Nobody expected them and nobody saw them coming. But here they are - Clemens and Philipp alias Milky Chance from Kassel, Germany. Having started writing while still in high school Clemens and Philipp self-released their first album "Sadnecessary" in mid 2013 fuelled by sheer enthusiasm and youthful optimism. Following an unprecedented online reaction and sold out tour dates a European distribution deal soon followed and the self-produced album and its first single 'Stolen Dance' rose to the top of the charts in a number of European countries before the rest of the world had a chance to notice. Their sound is beats driven singer-songwriter, tinged with alternative folk and reggae and driven by Clemen's unique ageless voice. 2014 looks set to be Milky Chance's year. Clemens graduated from high school last year and wondered what would come next. It was music. All the way.

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