Moon Rise Podcast #5 avec JKriv

Ce soir à 21h, 5eme rendez-vous avec Moon Rise, agence de management et booking qui invite une fois par mois un de ses Djs à jouer sur radiomeuh.

C’est au tour de JKriv, fondateur des labels « Razor-N-Tape » et « Deep & Disco » de prendre les commandes. La Classe américaine!

Diffusions sur radiomeuh:
Vendredi 11 mars à 21h
Lundi 14 mars à 23h

JKriv est à l’origine d’un band indé made in USA qui fait parler de lui depuis le début des années 2000. Plutôt que du blabla, on vous laissera une citation de Gilles Peterson qui posera certaines bases au sujet de JKriv et du band appelé « Tortured Soul »: « Tortured Soul is the future of house music. »

Infatigable et musicien complet, Jason fonde les labels/edits made in Brooklyn « Razor-N-Tape » et « Deep&Disco ». Ces labels accueillent l’avant garde de la scène Disco et Groovy House du moment avec des artistes tel que Late Nite Tuff Guy, Frank Booker, Kan Sano, Martin Hayes, Luvless, Only Children, The Groovers, The Reflex, Ron Basejam du coté de chez Razor-N-Tape.
Alors que sous un autre moonriker « Deep&Disco » Label Eponyme il est rejoint par Hot Toddy, Dimitri From Paris, Dicky Trisco, Lou Teti, Leftside Wobble, Sleazy Mc Queen et Greg Wilson.

JKriv is a man of many musical hats, whether as a producer, DJ, songwriter, instrumentalist, or label-owner. Having amassed a formidable SoundCloud following for his masterfully crafted disco reworks, JKriv formed Deep&Disco Recordings in 2011 as a home for his own original productions.
The label soon grew to include a dazzling roster of artists and remixers such as Hot Toddy, Satin Jackets, Social Disco Club and more. JKriv is also the mastermind (along with partner Aaron Dae) behind the eminently respected disco edits label Razor-N-Tape, which has seen releases by Late Nite Tuff Guy, Frank Booker, JKriv himself and many others.

Keeping up a dizzyingly prolific production schedule, JKriv’s original productions, reworks, and remixes have appeared on numerous labels such as Disco Deviance, Editorial, Tigers On A Leash, Get Down Edits, Harmless, and his own labels, showing his versatility in crafting both disco and house style productions.
In addition to his studio skills, JKriv is a multi-instrumentalist with a deep musical background. Performing in bands since the age of 12, he studied jazz throughout college, and is equally comfortable laying down some heavy bass, ripping some Nile Rodgers-esque guitar rhythms, or banging out some chords on a keyboard or synth. His performing career in the world of dance music began as a founding member of the live-house band Tortured Soul, who he toured and recorded with for nearly a decade.

He also toured with pop act Brazilian Girls for a year, and is currently the bassist/guitarist for disco ensemble extraordinaire Escort. Naturally, Escort has also recruited J for remix duties, and he is also working with the band on writing/producing songs for their next album.
JKriv is known to bring a distinct musicality to everything he touches, and his latest project JKriv & The Disco Machine is no exception. ‘The High Fidelity Sound EP,’ a 6-track EP dropping July 15th, 2013 on File Under Disco, is a sprawling and ambitious set of all-original disco tunes, showcasing JKriv’s production, songwriting and instrumental skills.
The record runs the gamut of disco and funk sounds, from the utterly cheeky to smooth and sultry, and employs the talents of a wonderful cast of vocalists, percussionists, string players and more, blurring the lines between the electronic and organic to create a blissful listening and dancing experience.
JKriv will be touring the Disco Machine project throughout the year with DJ and live sets that are as diverse as J’s own musical talents and interests, and always rock the party.

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